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How's it going, pal? My name is Kayla and I make cartoons? I sew things and like creating stuff?
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i’m really enjoying drawing jack in the story boards. (=゚ω゚)ノ

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sunnysnorlax replied to your post:“the scott pilgrim art style!”:

heres my gross face dont say i didnt warn you

shh, your lovely face is pretty! (i’ll post the doodles tomorrow!)

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sunnysnorlax replied to your post: “the scott pilgrim art style!”:
this is really good! also sorry im really bad at tagging my stuff ;A;

thanks, dude! it’s alright, i’ll still draw you if you can find a selfie to send to me! :D

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sunnysnorlax whispered:"the scott pilgrim art style!"

yo, i couldn’t find a selfie of yours so i just winged it.

send me a thing

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mylilmicool whispered:"Scott Pilgrim for the draw yourself meme? ouo"

i felt like falling

send me a thing!

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Anonymous whispered:"Wind Waker for the draw yourself meme?"



send me an art style! (i might draw you in the style too! :3)

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I just downloaded SketchBook Copic Edition. AND IT’S REALLY GREAT! The interface it’s like the other SketchBook programs but I love how the colors can be blended and treated almost like real Copic markers!, I’m exited.
I’m sharing my first drawing here so it’s not so cool…but I’ll be practicing a lot with this thing.The download it’s easy and you can find the program for free in the AppStore, here: DOWNLOAD
Hope you guys enjoy the program as much as I did!

*A* And a link for Windows users.

is there a working mirror for the windows version? the server has been busy for hours :(

shit i wanna try this once i can download it

alternative download link.

oh MAN you are awesome
thank you so much im serious

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I can’t even draw in my own style but let’s do it
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help i’m at lon lon ranch and i don’t know what to do

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Hey guys! I wanted to thank all of you with a follow forever since I just reached 2000 (2001) followers today! You guys rule and I just to let you guys know that I’ve been having such an awesome time on Tumblr and more specifically in the RT/AH community. So, here’s a follow forever of my favorite blogs!

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everyone is annoying me